Friday, November 19, 2010 Famosas Mexicanas Follando


Yes, we have reached the limit, a current web Vilera and without political color has been manipulated and distorted, offered a survey which valued the current mayor defector management (possibly the worst mayor Villajoyosa has had in its history with its famous downs with the press, his refusal management, soil Villajoyosa, the debt generated by the people, the family plugged in the municipality of the government team and his own inclusion in the labor market outsiders Villajoyosa while there are 4000 unemployed in the town and many more stories we have featured on our mayor, the mayor of all, the worst mayor in history) and had added 400 votes to positive when the RealD management was quite another Jaime Lloret defector the Flying Dutchman lost the poll with 500 votes behind, and yesterday, someone hacked into the website to match the survey!

all know who to have been, we all know that political party could be, and we all know which is the end of these people, to deceive, manipulate, confuse and continue stuck in the seat of mayor of Villajoyosa. We will continue

consenting to these authoritarian bosses and continue to blight the area? employing family members, offering nothing to Viler, playing with our tax money and life in Villajoyosa being one of the worst qualities of life and more expensive in Spain? SAY NO TO


Liaison and his official website: nicated-of-webmaster-intensive so-defend-a jaime-cry- t-manipulating-the-survey- of-the-web / between cement


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